TEAM Global BIRT and Cognos Services

To respond to today’s dynamic Business Environment critical business information needs to be immediately available. This business information can come in a variety of formats, and is often required as a report – either a formatted business report, known as an Enterprise report, or an Ad Hoc report which is created on the fly by users.....


Quick Access. Traceable. Paperless.

In emerging businesses today that relies highly on documents for their operations and use Maximo® for asset management, the right combination of Maximo application system and an efficient document management system (DMS) is the answer

About TEAM Global

Taggs Enterprises Applications Manager Global is an American-Filipino International Venture, which provides total business solutions and offers end-to-end information and service solutions for Strategic Asset Management and Maintenance.

For over eigthteen years, through its founder and president-Richard Taggs, TEAM was an implementation partner of MRO® SOFTWARE , then Developer of the world's leading Enterprise Asset Management Software-MAXIMO®. All of these project implementations are international.