TEAM Global Mobile Applications

TEAM Global is a systems integrator, the leading provider of information application platform solutions for Global 9000 Companies and packaged application software vendors. As System Integrator Partner, TEAM Global also market and promote Mobile Applications Development and Solution here in the Philippines and also provides technical services.

In the wake of corporate financial scandals, stock market volatility, and global economic turbulence, Taggs Enterprises Applications Manager (TEAM) Global realizes these challenges and takes heightened interest in the timeliness, accuracy, and quality of financial information and modern solution.

With this in mind, one must consider the key business requirements that are propelling investment in Mobile Applications. Such applications not only address emerging trends, compliance issues and standards requirements, but they also enable companies to realize new levels of competencies.

With Mobile Applications, this ensures that users have business agility: access to the right information anywhere and anytime in the right form to take the right action. Application users utilize these available tools to utilize quick access and security for IT organizations and maintain an appropriate level of control over their information assets.

Below are high-level overviews of the suites of services that TEAM Global is offering:

  • OnTheGo Inventory Mobile Application - Is designed to run on Android mobile devices, and soon the iPad. This application enables the Maximo users to have access to the Inventory Application, perform their inventory management tasks and complete more inventory work using their mobile phone.

  • OnTheGo Work Pro - Is designed to run on Android mobile devices, and soon on the iPads. This mobile application provides remote access to the Maximo Work management process.

  • Operator’s Log Pro - Provides an electronic log used by shift operators for recording and qualifying events that occur during an individual’s shift watch. The application tracks shift staffing, plant operating parameters, log entries, associated qualifying data, and Web/document links on an individual plant unit and/or staff position basis. Web Enhancement on Actuate Portal.

  • Maximo Asset Configuration Manager - provides real-time calculation of an asset’s configuration and the life of each component of the asset. It helps to accurately perform system and component analysis and reporting – leading to improved reliability and lower maintenance costs.

  • InstaFare - promotes a new and simpler way of purchasing and usage of fare quickly and securely. It ensures that the customer can easily activate a fare product with in the Application for an easy access whenever a customer is ready to use the ticket. InstaFare has also the function of purchasing multiple fare products in advance, stores it on their device and allows the user to select and identify which fare product to use.

  • InstaCSM - provides assistance to the customers to improve their satisfactions on a product. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is the one responsible for all telephone calls regarding the customer’s concern. InstaCSM provides a customer service webpage that gives each of the users an access to web-based tools required for performing the product’s related call center activities.

  • InstaPark - offers flexible solutions designed to make your day a little easier while ensuring the security of your online access to your parking data like tracking your parking expenses or managing your account.