TEAM Global and Actuate

TEAM Global is a systems integrator partner of Actuate Corporation, the leading provider of information application platform solutions for Global 9000 Companies and packaged application software vendors. As System Integrator Partner, TEAM Global not only markets and promotes Actuate Software Products here in the Philippines but also provides technical services for Actuate prospects and end users.

In the wake of corporate financial scandals, stock market volatility, and global economic turbulence, Taggs Enterprises Applications Manager (TEAM) Global realizes these challenges and takes heightened interest in the timeliness, accuracy, and quality of financial information.

With this in mind, one must consider the key business requirements that are propelling investment in Enterprise Reporting Applications. Such applications not only address emerging compliance issues and standards requirements, but they also enable companies to realize new levels of performance.

Aside from the Actuate Products TEAM is offering, we are also offering the following Actuate Services:

  • Solution Architecting
  • Report Migration
  • Clustering Technical Services
  • Web Enhancement on Actuate Portal
  • Training Services
  • Report Designing
  • Enterprise Business Planning

With Actuate Corporation Technology, this ensures that users have business agility: access to the right information in the right form to take the right action. Actuate users utilize these available tools to ensure IT organizations maintain an appropriate level of control over their corporate information assets.

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