Team Global’s InstaCSM provides assistance to the customers to improve their satisfactions on a product. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is the one responsible for all telephone calls regarding the customer’s concern. InstaCSM provides a customer service webpage that gives each of the users an access to web-based tools required for performing the product’s related call center activities such as:

  • Entering customer identification information
  • Entering notes regarding the content from the call
  • Setting the resolution status of the call
  • Selecting from a topic of the call for determining the count of calls received regarding the product
  • Look up the transaction history of a customer’s account to provide information on recent activity, diagnose issues or problems, and issued refunds or reimbursements

InstaCSM determines the significant number of the calls into a customer service department regarding the functionality of a product. Furthermore, CSR’s are provided with a list of frequently asked questions with their associated answers which are based on their experience with past concerns of a customer.