Imagine how efficient it would be for a customer to purchase a fare product in an instant just by using an application with just one swipe or press you are ready to go, if a customer can access their own personal account anytime anywhere.

InstaFare promotes a new and simpler way of purchasing and usage of fare quickly and securely. It ensures that the customer can easily activate a fare product with in the Application for an easy access whenever a customer is ready to use the ticket. InstaFare has also the function of purchasing multiple fare products in advance, stores it on their device and allows the user to select and identify which fare product to use. InstaFare has the features that authorize a customer to purchase and use fare product for another individual or account, most common situation is when a parent purchases for their children’s fare. There are also incentives wherein a customer can gain and redeem points or even use coupons. For the verification of each fare product purchased, this application allows fast and visual electronic validation. This application also covers a variety of security feature to prevent fare evasion or fraud.


  • Quick and Secure fare purchase
  • Generate and Activate fare products
  • Multiple way and one way purchase method
  • Customer authorized purchasing and usage
  • Loyalty program and redeem points