Today, most people want a mobile application that will enable them to make a purchase or facilitate a service less hassle. The application InstaPark provides a new and better way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. This application saves time and takes away the hassle of parking especially when you’re in a rush.

InstaPark offers flexible solutions designed to make your day a little easier while ensuring the security of your online access to your parking data like tracking your parking expenses or managing your account.


  • Consolidated back-end
    A staff can go to one program/interface and make changes that affect all related systems

  • License Plate Recognition Enforcement
    Existence of license plate recognition enforcement and vehicle based enforcement

  • Pay in advance
    Pay for hourly or daily parking in advance of the date that the vehicle will actually be on the area

  • Event Parking
    There is an option for either a distinct coupon code or “license plate as coupon code”. This parking systems offers payment options such as reduced, flat rate or reduced rate to the parker, with billing back to the event host.

  • VIP Parking
    Certain License Plates that are registered within the system are granted with either free parking or parking at a different or below of the posted rates.