maXbsc: Stop the Guesswork. Measure. Manage. Optimize

Taggs Enterprises Applications Manager (TEAM) Global combines the one of today's most effective business tools with the leading enterprise management system in its upcoming product, MAX2BSC.

The Balanced Scorecard

Developed by Dr. Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the balanced scorecard is a strategy planning and management system that is used to align the activities of an organization to its vision, strategy and objectives and to monitor their performance against these goals.

It advocates a more balanced view of an organization's performance by looking at the organization from four perspectives:

  • Customer Perspective
  • Financial Perspective
  • Business Process Perspective
  • Sustainability and Growth Perspective

It is from these perspectives that metrics or performance indicators are developed, measured and analyzed to create a meaningful picture of the organizations and formulate effective strategies that further achieve the organization's objectives.

Using Maximo as the Technology Enabler

Using MAXIMO as the backbone for what is already proving to be one of the most useful management tool today, TEAM Global hopes to help managers giving them a balanced view of their business and a tool to measure the success of their strategy implementation.

Maximo gives the power of automation in information collection and measurement through queries on its database or other existing data stores.