maxOnTheGo ACM Flight Log Book

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager provides real-time calculation of an asset’s configuration and the life of each component of the asset. It helps to accurately perform system and component analysis and reporting – leading to improved reliability and lower maintenance costs.

It enables you to accurately track the current and historical views of transactional changes of the configuration of assets and their components. It also assists in increasing reliability and accountability – making compliance easier in regulated industries.

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager features include:

  • Component life accounting
  • Operational status management
  • Definition of as-designed allowable asset builds
  • An Electronic Flight Log Book
  • Progressive Inspection Programs (PIP)

The enhancements of Maximo Asset Configuration Manager 7.5.1 include features that improve maintenance scheduling, enhance the definition of models, and improve functioning with other products.

Receiving New Production Assets

You can add spare parts, measurement points, warranty contracts, and meter average attributes to models to define the engineering requirements of all possible build configurations. When you create assets in the New Assets Assembly application, then, depending on the model, any spare parts, measurement points, warranty contracts, and meter average attributes are automatically added to the asset.

You can define maintenance activities for specific positions in the build that are in compliance with the Maintenance Steering Group-3 (MSG-3) standard. When assets are created that are based on the model, the MSG-3 attributes are automatically associated with the assets.

Maintaining Production Assets

A new feature for flight log books is included that is similar to traditional paper-based flight log books. You can track the condition of aircraft components, modules, and safety parts. You can see the overall condition of the aircraft and create discrepancy records to identify required maintenance.

You can implement a progressive inspection program (PIP) to define maintenance tasks that are on a fixed schedule.

Operating with Other Applications

Maximo Assets Configuration Manager Version 7.5.1 is now more closely aligned with Maximo Assets Management, particularly in an environment with multiple sites. You can now use Maximo Asset Configuration Manager and Maximo for Trasportation together as an efficient and effective solution. You can use Maximo Asset Management Scheduler to update forecasts on PM records of configuration-managed items to more efficiently schedule work.


Usability was improved in areas that were identified by user enhancement requests. Enhancements include optionally specifying registration numbers for assets, identifying when the due date for a maintenance task can be changed to the last day of the month, tracking the hours that are due for a component aircraft, and adding the receipt date of an asset to the Assets (CM) application.