maxOnTheGo Inventory

Mobile application was originally offered for general productivity and information retrieval. Due to public demand, the availability of developer tools drove rapid expansion into other categories and the popularity of mobile apps has continued to rise. As their usage has become increasingly prevalent across iPads, Samsung Note, and mobile phone users, TEAM Global has responded to this newest technology by creating the Inventory Mobile Application for Maximo, maxOnTheGo.

The Inventory Mobile Application has been currently designed to run on Android mobile devices, and soon the iPad. This application enables the Maximo users to have access to the Inventory Application, perform their inventory management tasks and complete more inventory work using their mobile phone. While on the go, the users can still search or retrieve item records, view and modify items records.

maxOnTheGo Inventory provides capabilities to efficiently perform and support inventory management from a mobile device, including but limited to the following features:

  1. Compatible with Maximo 7.5 and is based on the full functionality of the Inventory System
  2. Compatible with database servers such as DB2, SQL and Oracle
  3. Provides a real time access to the Maximo application server via wifi
  4. Scanning function for codes (barcodes and QR codes)

  5. Supports inventory management tasks same with the desktop Maximo system, such as:

    • Taking physical count of inventory
    • Issuing inventory
    • Receiving inventory items
    • Returning inventory
    • Incorporate the Min/Max level function and implementation
    • Keep track of item vendors
    • Track order lead times
    • Manage stock levels and recorder items
    • Returning inventory issued to a work order

Additional component for the inventory aspects of maxOnTheGo works with standard barcode and QR Code a printers. Using the maxOnTheGo Inventory Application requires certain smart phones to obtain its full functionality.

maxOnTheGo Inventory Mobile performs the following functions:

  • Counting inventory items
  • Item issuing to a work order or any other record
  • Receiving inventory items such as list of purchase orders by accessing the Receiving application
  • Changing the location of inventory items from one storeroom to another
  • Returning inventory issued to a work order
  • Use barcode capabilities for mobile inventory management and allow options like scanning barcode on each item or bins
  • Min/Max level function