maXpidx: IBM MAXIMO for Oil/Gas and Utilities

maXpidx provides IBM Maximo users with end-to-end e-Procurement for supply chain management, through the use of effective Oil and Gas standards and processes for electronic business communications within the petroleum industry.

The Problem : Using E-Commerce for B2B

In Business to Business scenario, there are companies that transacts with more than one company. As different Businesses have different ways of utilizing the internet and its technologies for their e-commerce solution. As such, communication with each one of them would be different. Apart, from the communication between businesses, another problem was the communication between systems within the business organization.

The Solution : Using E-Commerce for B2B

  • Using Biztalk as a Middleware
  • Using RosettaNet for B2B
  • Using PIDX for Oil and Gas Industry
  • Using Biztalk for RosettaNet and PIDX Implementation

Using maXpidx

  • MAXPIDX for Quotations.
  • MAXPIDX for Purchase Orders.
  • MAXPIDX for Purchase Orders.
  • MAXPIDX for Receiving
  • MAXPIDX for Invoices