maXshare:Quick Access. Traceable. Paperless.

In emerging businesses today that relies highly on documents for their operations and use Maximo� for asset management, the right combination of Maximo application system and an efficient document management system (DMS) is the answer.

For this reason, Maximo integrates with the document management system called SharePoint� to provide better administering of tender record attachments and produce the integration of the two systems called maXshare.

The objective of maXshare is to provide a solution that will be able to link documentation from SharePoint DMS to the right existing records in the Maximo system. It is an integration that will give convenience to the people of the organization, who are Maximo and SharePoint users, by making attachments to Maximo records easy and traceable.

The mXshare Solution

mXshare is the seamless combination of Maximo enterprise asset management applications and SharePoint DMS capabilities. They form the solution for paperless business operations, secured and categorized attachments in Maximo records, and tracked documentation.

With mXshare, documents uploaded in the customizable SharePoint site are automatically added to the Maximo document library, and, attaching them to Maximo records is as easy as the usual Maximo document-attaching way, offering versioning and tracking.

Managing attachments can be done in two ways, either through Maximo or SharePoint. After every modification on documents, the two systems are updated with details for audit trail.

mXshare aims to help customers manage both Maximo records and attachments in an uncomplicated way without altering the capabilities of Maximo and SharePoint the customers have always known.