maXtender:Making the most out of your Tendering Process

mXtender packs your tendering process with features that will help you monitor and take control of your tendering process:

  • Validate field inputs
  • Automate required computations
  • Provide support to attachments through DMS configuration
  • Implement KPI monitoring
  • Provide workflow dedicated to tendering

Tendering in Maximo

The tendering process can take place in Maximo through the maXTender application. Each of its five (5) steps is supported by a corresponding MXTender application tab.

maXaTender application tabs provide Maximo users the interface that accepts data of tender transactions under the tendering steps. Please see the following table.

Tendering Step maXtender Step
TIP Preparation,Sending and Receiving Tender Invitation Tab
Technical Evaluation Technical Lines
Commercial Evaluation Commercial Tab
Tender Process Monitoring KPI Tab

mXtender with Vendor Bids Portal

maXTender can provide a MAXIMO portal intended for letting vendors attach their bids. Called the Vendor Bids Portal, it is a customized portal with Vendor Start Center and Vendor Bid Application.

The highlight of the Vendor Bids Portal is the Vendor Bids Application which the vendor can use to attach his bids electronically. The way of attaching bids is the same as the usual Maximo-attaching way.

mXtender with Workflows

Through Maximo workflow, the tasks of the Tendering Team can be organized with the following features.

  • A tender record in a workflow.
  • Direct link from Workflow Inbox to the assigned tender record.
  • Display of a dialog box with appropriate options.
  • Definition of time limit for completing task, record escalations, notifications.