maXutilities-Star: Measure.Manage.Save

Much of the importance of energy saving stems from the global need to save energy with today�s rapidly rising energy costs, increasing energy demand, and growing concern about climate change which lead to several compelling reasons why you should manage energy, to save energy at your organization specifically. Cost and consumption are key elements of managing energy. You have to gather your data and implement strategies to affect the factors you can control. maXutilities�Star offers comprehensive solution for energy management and strategy development. It helps you to measure energy performance, set goals, and track savings.

maXutilities-Star is driven from the words �Maximo�, the well-known enterprise asset management system, and �utilities�, the focus of this commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product. Combining the two forms a kind of integration that aims a goal toward better utility conservation and lower consumption cost.

  • Data Store
  • Invoice Computing
  • Data Analysis
  • Reports

maXutilities-Star in Maximo is represented as a module. It consists of 11 applications with 11 entities, namely:

  1. Utility Vendor
  2. Facility
  3. Utility Meter
  4. Utility Meter Account
  5. Rate
  6. Rate Type
  7. Rate Group
  8. Portfolio Manager
  9. Invoice
  10. Cost Avoidance
  11. Weather Station