Operator Log Pro

Integrated Operations Improves Operational Intelligence Consisting of seven key functional areas – Work, Service, Contracts, Materials, Procurement, Assets and Operation Management – Maximo Asset Management brings together traditionally separate business functions into an integrated platform.

Operator’s Log Pro Provides an electronic log used by shift operators for recording and qualifying events that occur during an individual’s shift watch. The application tracks shift staffing, plant operating parameters, log entries, associated qualifying data, and Web/document links on an individual plant unit and/or staff position basis. The Operator’s Log, other asset management applications, raises the bar for collaboration across operations, maintenance, and engineering domains.

Importance of an Electronic Log Book

  • Increase Safety
  • Reliable shift handovers
  • Reduce log entry errors
  • Improved Operator behavior
  • Ability to record shift activities
  • Ability to limit access by user/field and audit changes

Team Global Inc. (Tagg’s Enterprise Application Manager) finds a solution with the hel of smart mobile devices, maxOnTheGo Operator LogPro can provide access to the right information to the right people at the right people at the right time from virtually anywhere.

maxOnTheGo Operator LogPro is a complementary mobile tool for the Operators Log application that is designed to allow operators and controllers to maintain shift logs and communications. With Shift Log records contain details about changeovers/handovers, equipment changes, production losses, and near misses that occur during a shift.


The maxOnTheGo Operator LogPro application is integrated with the Operational Excellence, enabling mobile users to access a subset of the Operations information details that are available in the Operators Log application.

Creating Shift and Making Logs

Logs contain information such as the assets, the location, the supervisor at the plant, and the type of log created. You can use logs to relay important safety or other information to your team, as one shift ends and another shift takes over.

Performing Communications

You can use the Create Communication action to send e-mail messages about a record. (Created in Communication Templates application or Create a freeform communication.).

Production Loss

Capture benefits associated to improvements or losses associated to planned or unplanned shutdowns or near miss losses. Capturing benefits for proposed solutions or losses associated to equipment downtime (planned or unplanned), provides insight into areas for improving availability and safety.

Downtime and Meter Recording

Generate Follow-up Tickets

Generate follow-up defect and incident tickets and service request.

Record/Review Work Order

Record and Review work and planned work on a work asset that might be related to shift log record.

Log Templates

You can quickly populate shift logs and run log records by using templates that contain frequently used.

Work Offline/Online mode