TEAM Global Actuate Services

In the wake of corporate financial scandals, stock market volatility, and global economic turbulence, Tagg Enterprise Applications Manager (TEAM) Global realizes these challenges and takes heightened interest in the timeliness, accuracy, and quality of financial information.

With this in mind, one must consider the key business requirements that are propelling investment in Enterprise Reporting Applications. Such applications not only address emerging compliance issues and standards requirements, but they also enable companies to realize new levels of performance.

Below are high-level overviews of the suites of services that TEAM Global is offering:

  • Solution Architecting - This service consists of the design of Actuate architecture that is suitable to your current setup and environment. TEAM provides a technical document encompassing hardware sizing and network requirements.
  • Report Migration - TEAM Global could help upgrade your existing Applications to latest Actuate versions, 7 and 8; and provide documentation for every improvement done in the migrated reports.
  • Clustering Technical Services - TEAM Global can provide solution to improve your server-client reporting application architecture using Clustering. TEAM Global can help you implement and optimize this feature.
  • Web Enhancement on Actuate Portal - TEAM Global can design and customize a functional web-based reporting tool using Actuate Active Portal and interface with your current website using Active Server Pages (ASP), Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) or Java Server Pages (JSP).
  • Training Services - TEAM Global can provide high level and/or specialized technical and business strategy training sessions to new or existing Actuate users. Training manuals are also provided to ensure that knowledge is preserved.
  • Report Designing - TEAM Global has designed complex reports from multiple data sources and produce the required functional outcome. Your organization can utilize our expertise in identifying the most appropriate report design to suite your needs.
  • Enterprise Business Planning - This is a comprehensive service which includes solution architecting, report migration, planning, report designing and training services. In short, TEAM Global can provide the complete package to guarantee that your organization implements and maximizes the power of Actuate- The World's Leader in Enterprise Reporting Application.