TEAM Global BIRT and Cognos Services

To respond to today’s dynamic Business Environment critical business information needs to be immediately available. This business information can come in a variety of formats, and is often required as a report – either a formatted business report, known as an Enterprise report, or an Ad Hoc report which is created on the fly by users.

What is BIRT?

BIRT is an Eclipse-based open sourced reporting tool/system for web applications, especially those based on Java and Java EE. The BIRT development environment includes a report designer, a charting engine, and a runtime environment. You can use BIRT to create chart, list, table, and crosstab reports to display data sets. You can also develop more complex reports by using scripts.

With BIRT, you can add a rich variety of reports to your application.

  • Lists -The simplest reports are lists of data. As the lists get longer, you can add grouping to organize related data together (orders grouped by customer, products grouped by supplier). If your data is numeric, you can easily add totals, averages and other summaries.

  • Charts -Numeric data is much easier to understand when presented as a chart. BIRT provides pie charts, line & bar charts and many more. BIRT charts can be rendered in SVG and support events to allow user interaction.

  • Crosstabs -Crosstabs (also called a cross-tabulation or matrix) shows data in two dimensions: sales per quarter or hits per web page.

  • Letters & Documents -Notices, form letters, and other textual documents are easy to create with BIRT. Documents can include text, formatting, lists, charts and more.

  • Compound Reports -Many reports need to combine the above into a single document. For example, a customer statement may list the information for the customer, provide text about current promotions, and provide side-by-side lists of payments and charges. A financial report may include disclaimers, charts, and tables all with extensive formatting that matches corporate color schemes. BIRT reports are run by using Maximo Reports interface or by using the Report List box in the Maximo Asset Management Start Center.


Cognos business intelligence (BI) is designed to enable business users without technical knowledge to assemble reports and analyze and extract data. It helps understand, monitor and manage business performance which includes business reporting & analysis, profitability measurement, budgeting, forecasting optimization and cost management.

It provides your organization become competitive and analytics-driven. This software is designed to help your organization make the decisions that achieve positive impact on business growth and to achieve better business outcomes—for now and in the future.

  • Cognos Connection -Publishing, managing, and viewing content
  • Cognos Business Insight -Interactive workspaces
  • Cognos Business Insight Advanced -Cognos Business Insight Advanced
  • Cognos Query Studio -Cognos Query Studio
  • Cognos Report Studio -Cognos Report Studio
  • Cognos Event Studio -Event management and alerting
  • Cognos Metric Studio -Scorecarding and metrics
  • Cognos Analysis Studio -Analyzing your business
  • Cognos for Microsoft Office -Working with IBM Cognos BI content in Microsoft Office